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Family: The Key to My Success

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

It’s been a while since I have written. This post has actually been written for about a month now, but I am just having the courage to post it, as I am no open book.

In learning how to be a more balanced person, this summer, I made a conscious decision to take time off to attend family events-- graduations, birthdays, Mother’s Day, outings; it’s all built into my summer calendar. I used my little window in between my semesters and took time to fly to Miami to be with family and then headed to New York to celebrate my best friend’s graduation from Columbia University. While traveling, I still worked. I took my finals and completed time sensitive tasks for my clients. But, I also had much time to reflect. In my reflection, I came to the conclusion that having great family and friends has made it so much easier for me to follow my dreams.

When I finally told my parents that I quit my job, which was when I went home in May, they asked no questions and gave me their blessings. When I opened my company, I got hoards of e-mails and messages saying I want to work for you, or intern for you. And when I decided that I wasn’t going to return to my internship, they all said “ok, good luck”. Thus far, I have had nothing but an overwhelming amount of support.

My family, I love them because they allow me to be free. They don’t condemn me for being me. There is no box that I have to fit into. There is no one way I have to be. I can just be me, unapologetically. Because they have unyielding faith in me, I can never stop believing in myself. It’s easier for me to do and be.

No matter what I do and no matter where I go, I will never forget the friends and family who have helped me get here. The people who never gave up on me, the ones who still believed in me when I failed and the ones who said “yes you can” even when I was on my worst behavior. It’s easier to do great things when you’re working to prove people wrong. But what do you do when everyone’s rooting for you…when there are no “haters” to motivate you? Me, I turn around and thank the people who have been there for me and use their support as the foundation on which I build my success.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but with me, I’m convinced it took a small country and an army. I’ll forever be grateful because without their support and great teachings, I would probably see this journey as both impossible and insane.

My family is extremely important to me. They probably don’t realize their huge significance in my life, but they are the key to my success. They’re inspiration; they’re hope; they’re joy, love, peace, kindness, caretakers. So, I dedicate this post to them--for always being a haven for me during some of my weakest moments—for always keeping me laughing and for creating all of my greatest memories and blissful moments. Through them, I got back to me. Now I have the energy and strength to continue doing great work.

Love you all!!

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